Welcome to Framtiden


Building the sustainable society of the future
We have commenced a wide-ranging programme together with our subsidiaries – the city’s housing companies. We are endeavouring to make Gothenburg a cohesive, stimulating and socially sustainable city. We want to live in an integrated, eco-friendly city that is attractive for everyone. The journey we are embarking upon will be long and we will learn along the way.

The Framtiden Group has adopted a common vision to support our ambitions:
‘We are building a sustainable society for the future’.

Our business concept
The Group will create societal benefit on business terms and has a strategic role to play in reinforcing Gothenburg as a residential location and regional centre. The Group will create, offer, and develop housing to satisfy the needs of different housing consumers. The Group will promote security, satisfaction, and service. We will also provide residents with the opportunity to exert an influence over their homes and immediate surroundings and to develop their own welfare.

The Framtiden Group
Framtiden Group is Sweden’s largest public housing company and one of the larger real estate companies in the country. Our properties are worth over SEK 120 billion. We own and manage over 75 000 apartments in Gothenburg, which means that almost 25 % of the city’s population reside with us. Our group consists of 9 companies with a total of almost 1300 employees.

The parent company, Förvaltnings AB Framtiden, governs the group based on goals and directions from its owner, the City of Gothenburg. Our eight subsidiaries work with property management, construction, and service. They are described shortly below, and you find contact information to each of them in the right column. Beside these 8 subsidiaries we have one more company, Bygga Hem i Göteborg AB, with the sole purpose to purchase, own and manage construction rights.


Property management
– Poseidon manages more than 28 400 apartments.
– Bostadsbolaget manages almost 25 000 apartments.
– Familjebostäder manages over 19 500 apartments.
– Gårdstensbostäder, a local company in the suburb of Gårdsten with nearly 3000 apartments.
– GöteborgsLokaler manages commercial premises for shops, offices, and public offices in Gothenburg. Many of them are located around the 21 local squares and markets the company own.

– Framtiden Byggutveckling is responsible for initiating, planning, and producing new rental apartments for the group.
– Egnahemsbolaget is responsible for developing and producing single family houses and co-operative apartments.

– Störningsjouren is working for a safe environment for all our tenants. This includes preventive measures, a real estate hotline, callouts on demand and a systematic work against false contracts.